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Outsource Force – Kicks off With Free Training From John Reese


OutSourceForce Training by John Reese

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John Reese announces he has added a brand new bonus to his Outsource Force Coaching Program.

Enrol for Outsource Force today and you’ll receive extensive training designed to allow you to start your own profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch.

You’ll also have access to over 24,800 affiliate opportunities that are available online. Your new bonus gives a you a full 12 months membership to absolutely free. Regular members are paying $39.95/month, so this is a true $479.40 value.

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OutSourceForce By John Reese

After providing a series of very informative and educational videos on outsourcing, John Reese has finally released his “Outsource Force Coaching Program“.

Outsource Force was launched on Tuesday May 11, 2010 and well over 500 coaching students signed up within the first 24 hours of launch.

If outsourcing is a new concept to you and you missed John’s pre-launch videos then you’ve unfortunately missed the opportunity to gain a huge insight into what outsourcing could potentially be doing for your business…

If you missed these videos, don’t worry… in John’s final video of the series, the sales video for his coaching program, you’ll get an introduction and a full overview of what John’s offering in his Outsource Force Coaching Program.

Even if you don’t feel this coaching program is right for you, I believe you can still gain a lot of value from the free information contained in his sales video. Now you might be thinking to yourself ‘…but it’s just a big sales pitch’… Of course it’s a sales video but… if you pay close attention to what John is saying in his presentation, you’ll see that there are tons of golden nuggets to be had just from watching this video….

…For example, in this video John explains how a small $300 outsourcing investment ended up generating $millions of dollars for his business. Right there is a classic example of how John wrote a small check and got back many huge checks!!

Just listening the list of what John plans to share with his coaching students, you will gain an insight into the things you should be doing to grow your online business.

I would highly recommend you take a look at John’s final video before his Outsource Force Coaching Program is sold out and the video is taken down…

John’s Outsource Force coaching program starts on Monday May 17th, so the window of opportunity to learn from this final video is fast closing. There are valuable lessons to be learned from this video and from studying John’s sales technique.

In a few days time the video will be gone… No opt-in is necessary to watch the video, so don’t miss this valuable opportunity.

To your online business success



I run an offline business in the UK and I have been outsourcing services for many years. In fact I would go as far as to say that I wouldn’t be in business if I wasn’t able to outsource a large proportion of the services my company provides.

Outsourcing has allow me to offer new services to my customers, service that we do not have the in-house resources to provide. In his free video service, John talks about the concept of writing small checks and getting back larger checks. Even though I do this all the time in my own business with great effect, watching John’s free video series has re-inforced the idea to me and made me more appreciative of the benefits I could be gaining by increasing my own outsourcing.

John’s OutSource Force Coaching Program pre-launch kicked off on April 30th 2010. John hit the ground running with the first of a series of free videos providing valuable training and insights into effective outsourcing the very tasks that could just be keeping you from achieving the success you deserve and the success you should be achieving.

In the first video of the Free OutSource Force Video Series, John Reese discloses the “$2 Per Hour” Power Formula which can make any business grow without the owner doing the work. He talks about the “The No. 1 Most Valuable Skill in All of Internet Marketing”.

He talks about “The 3 Priority Levels of Outsourcing” that you should be doing to maximize your online success. He talks about ‘Eliminating the Biggest Constraints in Your Business”.

John will enlighten you to the fact that there are thousands of English speaking hard working college graduates who are anxiously waiting for you to hire them to work for you full time for as little as $300 per month i.e. less than $2 per hour.

How do you find these willing and able graduates? You’ll discover this in the second video… And much more…

The  pre-launch video series promises to show you:

  • How to get over over 100 hours of results from just 5 hours of work using a simple trick.
  • How ideas can turn into auto-pilot cash flow through the seemingly magical “not-an-iPad” device.
  • How this unheard strategy was used by the crazily successful “Blue Man Group” to revolutionized the entertainment industry.
  • Why the foundation of building wealth comes from brainstorming new ideas and how to spend your time mostly doing that.
  • How the right system to maximize income potential can be shown by dissecting the “Big Six” online money-making models.
  • And much more!

Pre-Launch Video ONE: The “$2 Per Hour Power Formula”

In the this video you’ll discover:

  • How to “Write Small Cheques and Get Back Larger Cheques…”
  • You’ll look at a number of modern examples of how the above formula is being applied…
  • You’ll discover the two main options available to you
  • John looks at how fortune 500 companies are incorporating global outsourcing…
  • John talks about how he was able to launch one of his most successful products ever while he was enjoying a vacation in Spain…
  • How to get the “Golden Nugget’s” out of many of the big online marketing courses without having to spend hours going through the course.
  • Why more people aren’t outsourcing and reaping the benefits of having great staff working for you for less than $2 per hour. John discusses the misconceptions and puts you straight on this crucial leverage opportunity
  • The THREE CORE FUNCTION of your business
  • How to eliminate the biggest constraint in your business which is stopping you from generating the income you deserve…
  • How to spend $10 a day and get an additional 40 hours of work per week done on your business without you having to do any of that work… What could this mean for your business?

Pre-Launch Video TWO: “Instant Leverage”

In the this video you’ll discover:

  • The things you need to know to maximise your success with outsourcing
  • Important things about the life of a freelance and how this knowledge can help you in your grow your business
  • Horror Stories about using Outsourcing Firms and how to avoid them
  • Where in the world you should be hiring people for your business
  • The actual web sites you can use to hire  people
  • How to communicate with people and get your ideas across
  • How to manage the people working for you
  • and much more…

Pre-Launch Video THREE: “The Big Six…”

In the this video you’ll discover:

  • The “Big Six” Online Business Models and how Outsourcing can be applied to each…
  • Blogging/Publishing model – You probably don’t realise that some of the most successful blogs in the world  are based on an outsourced model – Tech blogs, Celebrity blogs, Auto Blogs, Political Blogs etc. The major components will be discussed and how they can be outsourced.
  • Affiliate Marketing – the various elements of affiliate marketing are discussed and how they can be outsourced
  • Information Products – the various elements of affiliate marketing are discussed and how they can be outsourced
  • E-Commerce Store – the various elements of affiliate marketing are discussed and how they can be outsourced
  • Software – the various elements of affiliate marketing are discussed and how they can be outsourced
  • Professional services – the various elements of affiliate marketing are discussed and how they can be outsourced
  • With more valuable tips along the way…

FINAL Video: Launch – => Click Here To See  Sales Video <=

This valuable video series is part of John Reese’s forth coming Outsource Force Coaching Program.

I would highly recommend you take full advantage of the valuable free information John is sharing. I certainly will be!

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OutSourceForce By John Reese


This Valuable Video Series is Yours FREE To View During Pre-Launch!

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