Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Report writing…


If you are in business, you will know that one of the biggest time consumers is the creation of reports.

Modern-day office life seem to revolve around some inexplicable need to commit to paper.

How many reports are created, using countless hours and creating endless stress, that are never read by a single soul.

The report has ceased to be a means to an end, it is all too often the end in itself.

How about this for a radical idea …

Why not suggest in your company – or if you are in charge, issue an instruction – that unless a report HAS to be produced for legal reasons, no more reports should be written on anything UNLESS they include two extra items:

1. A clear, concise, plain language, one-page summary of the contents.

2. A single page that specifies ACTIONS that are required following the report, by whom and by when.

These two simple additions, rather than create extra work, will focus people’s minds on what reports should be for: to ‘report’ on the current situation and to define what is important to move things forward.

Everyone benefits from these two pages. The writer saves time and energy by defining what is important first; the reader benefits by not having to wade through reams of waffle; the business benefits by creating constant forward-moving momentum with a clear set of actions.

In fact, if the final two pages are the only ones actually circulated – with the rest of the report being put online for anyone to refer to if necessary, even more efficiencies and cost savings can be automatically built in.

Now this really was an ACTION point!

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