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7 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is the Easiest Way to Get Started With Your Online Business


Marketing target

Marketing target

Affiliate Marketing (sometimes referred to as Affiliate Internet Marketing) is commonly regarded as the easiest way to get started with an online internet business.

I’ll be covering some of the many reasons in this article, but first off…

What is affiliate marketing?
Essentially Affiliate Marketing is a revenue share arrangement where a merchant or product owner pays you the Affiliate Marketer a percentage of any sales you generate.

(Your sales are tracked through the use of a unique affiliate link provided to you by the merchant, product owner or Affiliate Network).

In the case of CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Marketing however, an Affiliate might even earn a commission for simply getting a prospect to fill out a form such as an insurance enquiry form.

In some cases with CPA marketing, you the Affiliate Marketer, can even get paid when a prospect joins a scheme in which they can get a gift (incentivised marketing) such as a free product sample, a free iPhone, a free iPad, a free  laptop or in some cases even a free Plasma or LCD television!

So let’s get started…

1. You can get started very quickly
You can get started with Affiliate Marketing very quickly. However actually building a business based on the Affiliate Marketing model will take time. (Nothing happens overnight!). You will need to spend time building your business which will include building a mailing list (or mailing lists if you’re going into several markets).

2. You can get started with little or no upfront costs
Working from home, you can get started as an Affiliate Marketer for as little as zero upfront cost in terms of cash spend.

You don’t get anything for free however so you will need to spend quite a bit of time learning the ropes which will include:

  • Market research (finding a hungry market in a niche you are comfortable in  promoting)
  • Product research (uncovering an in-demand product in the market you are going after)
  • Joining affiliate networks (an affiliate network usually carries hundred or thousands of products affiliates can promote). Affiliate networks and affiliate programs are normally free to join…
  • Generating traffic (i.e. getting potential customers to in front of the affiliate offer you are promoting).

Looking at the above point’s, if you’re just getting started, you might be asking yourself where can you get the knowledge required to get started as an Affiliate Marketer…

More about this later, but for now lets crack on…

As with the marketing of any product (offline or online), you need to exercise due diligence and satisfy yourself that the product or service you are planning to promote offers real value to your potential prospects. In some cases this might involve obtaining a sample of the product you plan to promote.

3. You do not need to build your own web site
As an Affiliate Marketer, you do not need to have a webs site. You can simply drive traffic directly to the affiliate offer using your affiliate link. HOWEVER, though this is the simplest way to get started, it is highly recommended that you instead drive traffic to your own lead capture landing page.

A lead capture landing page is simply an intermediate web page you drive your traffic to which allows you to entice the visitor to provide their name (usually just a first name) and their primary email address by offering a related gift such as a related and valuable report.

This can actually be achieved virtually in a matter of minutes if you are using an Auto Responder service such as Aweber. The AWeber Auto-Responder service allows you to create a simple but effective lead capture page which they host on their web server so you don’t have to be concerned about hosting.

Once you have enticed your visitor with your free gift, you can immediately send them to your affiliate offer then periodically send valuable follow up email information, some with related product or service promotions.

4. You don’t have to create a product or service
As an Affiliate Marketer, your don’t have to be concerned with creating a product or service which can be very time consuming in terms of the actual product development as well as costly depending on what is being created.

5. Your do not have to be concerned about product fulfillment
As an Affiliate Marketer you have no product fulfillment issues.

6. You don’t have the risk of your product not selling
As an Affiliate Marketers, you do not have the risk associated with your product not selling possibly after having gone through an expensive and time consuming product development cycle. (Though this risk can be reduced with effective market research before developing your product).

As an Affiliate Marketer if you find a product you are promoting is not converting, if you have structured your marketing correctly, it is easy and quick to switch your traffic to another offer.

7. You’re not ultimately responsible for customer service issues
Unlike the owner of a product or service, an Affiliate Marketer does not have the responsibility for customer service issues. Whether or not your customer service handling is outsourced (and it should be), you are ultimately responsible for ensuring you have an efficient customer service handling and process in place.

So you see there are many considerations that must be taken into account when developing your own product. Having said that, as a product owner, you can usually be far more successful (in terms of revenue generation) than an Affiliate Marketer.

Product owners have far more leverage than Affiliate, since the owner of an in-demand product can leverage the services of many JV partners and Affiliates who together can generate far more targeted traffic than the product owner alone.

After you have achieved a level of success as an Affiliate Marketer (if this is how you choose to start your online business) you may therefore wish to consider taking your business to the next level by developing your own products or services.

Earlier I got onto the subject of how you can gain the knowledge you will require to get started with your online Affiliate Internet Marketing business. I strongly believe that coaching from the right coach who is an experienced and successful marketer is one of the fastest way to get up to speed as an online marketer.

Working at home on your online business can be a lonely affair. Without the guidance of an experienced marketer it can take many years to attain online success even for the most determined entrepreneur.

AffiliateDotCom Coaching ProgramWorking with a coach you can not only receive excellent and proven guidance, but you can usually expect to have direct access to your coach who can then provide specific or general guidance to point you in the right direction.

One such coaching program is AffiliateDotCom.

At the time of writing this article, there was a limited window in which to gain access into this Affiliate Marketing training program. The program may well be closed when you visit the site. You may however find that Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell has retained the free training videos on this site which was a part of their very successful pre-launch material.

There are some valuable lessons that can be gained from these free videos, so I would highly recommend you at least take the time to review the free information they provide.

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