Monday, May 20th, 2019

Could ‘.CO’ become the next ‘must have’ global top level domain name?


One of the key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies used by successful internet marketers is to register a descriptive keyword specific domain name for the product or service being promoted.

With the increasing number of domain names being registered around the world, domain name squatting, speculative domain name purchasing, domain names purchased for the purpose of promoting affiliate products etc., it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the keyword specific ‘.com’ domain name that you might require for that new product, service or promotion.

Internet marketers will always favour a ‘.com’ domain name over any other for the promotion of their product. Perhaps the main reason for this choice is that this top level domain name is known to rank well certainly in the most popular search engines.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, or a seasoned professional in the internet marketing circles, it’s most likely that you will have heard or uttered the following phrase yourself many times over…  “Get a ‘.com’ domain name”


A new globally recognisable ‘top level’ domain name, yet at the time of writing still little known domain name, could well be set to change this.

That domain name is ‘.co.’ …

So in the future I wouldn’t be surprised if the above phrase being banded around certainly in internet marketing circles, becomes

“Get a ‘.com’ or a ‘.co’ domain name”…

co-domainnameregistrationIt is being speculated by some in the know that a ‘.co’ domain name is set to become the next must have global and credible top-level domain name that every corporation will want to have.

The ‘.co’ domain name is credible, meaningful, memorable, intuitive and is relevant to individuals, businesses and organisations.

The ‘.co’ domain is an exciting new domain which is set to become one of the biggest domain extension launches in recent times.

You can fully expect major corporations around the world to be snapping up these globally recognisable premier domain names for their email and web address when they become generally available.

The ‘.co’ domain is actually the designated ccTLD for the sovereign nation of Columbian. However Columbia recognises the global recognition and potential ‘.co’ of this valuable domain and have taken “the ambitious step to liberalize it’s domain policies and to share this valuable asset with the global internet community”.

The timeline for the release of ‘.co’ domain name is as follows:


Local Sunrise (April 1 – April 20)
This phase is for Colombian trademark holders only with exact match domain names registered before July 30, 2008.
Global Sunrise (April 26 – June 10)
This phase is also for trademark holders with exact match domain names registered prior to July 30, 2008. This allows companies to apply for their desired domain or domains and secure their trademarks. Multiple applications for the same domain name will go to auction.
Landrush (June 21 – July 13)
This phase is open to anyone interested in registering domain names of high commercial value. Multiple applications for the same domain name will go to auction.
General Availability (from July 20)
On completion of the Global Sunrise and Landrush processes, .CO domains becomes available to the general public anywhere in the world on a first come, first served basis through participating registrars. (Note that certain domain names have been reserved by the .CO Registry or earmarked for premium auctions).


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  1. Sally says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for sharing this, I had no idea about .co. There are so many domain extensions available now, it’s hard to choose. I wasn’t aware that there was stages of release too, so that’s how big companies always grab the good ones, Sally 🙂

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